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Extn. 217

Traffic Helpline

+91-33-2666-1110 / 2641-5614 / 2637-4762, Dial- 100

Recovery of Lost Properties

Period Cash Mobile Laptop Gold Silver Camera Printer LED TV Others
Jan. to Dec. 2013 11,000/- 44 Pcs. 8 Pcs. One Gold Chain & Jewellery Articles, One Mongol Sutra, Gold Earring, Two Gold Ring, One Gold Chain. NIL 6 Pcs. 1 Pc.   Bags / Luggage, 1Pc. Laptop Bag, 02 Pcs. Cricket Bags, 02 Pcs. Umbrellas, 1no. Medicine Cartoon, 2nos.brief Case, Suitcase, 5 nos. Ladies purse & money purse, 7 nos. Hand Purse with important document (ATM, Debit Credit, Pan, Voter ID cards, Driving License College ID cards Bank Pass book, Cheque Book etc.), 86 nos. Bags, 21 nos. Luggage's, 2 nos. Dairy
Jan. to Dec. 2014 98,080/- 87 Pcs. 14 Pcs. One Pair Gold Earring, Four Gold Chain, One Gold Breslet. Jewellery Articles, Baby Chain With Locket 9 Pecs.   1 Pc. 77 Pcs. Luggage, 91 Pcs. Bags, 1 no. Rice Bag (25 kgs), 02 Pcs Umbrella, 1 Pcs. Red Colour Jacket, 02 Jackets, 21 Pcs. Wallet & Ladies Purse, 2 Pcs. Fans, 9 nos. Hand Purse with Important Document (ATM, Debit Credit, Pan, Voter ID Cards, Driving License College ID Cards Bank Pass book, Cheque Book, Mark-sheet, Official ID Card, Pendrive, Dongle, Tea, etc.), 2 Pcs. Brief Case, Suitcase, 2 Pcs. Bangle, Many Toys, 5 Pcs. Medicine Box & File, 02 Pcs. Sweater, 03 Pcs. Walking Stick, 03 Pcs. Video Games, 80 kg. Rice, Valuables Document, Cosmetics Box, Electric Lights, Baby Dresses, Tea Bag, New Dresses, Mixture Grinder, Shawl, Sari, Books, Key Board, Winter Dresses Costly, CDR, Official Documents etc.
Jan. to. March 2015 43,500/- 42 5 Jewellery Articles.   4     02 pcs. Pen drives, 03 pcs. D/L, 05 pcs. Jacket, 02 pcs. Sweater, 01 pcs. Black Blazzer, 06 pcs. Ladies Purse, 01 pc. Dongle, 02 pcs. Mat, 08 pcs. Hand purse, 04 pcs. Money purse, 03 pcs. Suitcase, 06 pcs Wallets, 02 pcs. Laptop charger & bag, Lunch box, 11. pcs Luggages, 38 pcs. Bags, Importance & valuable documents, official documents, Flash, Pan cards, Voter cards, ATM cards, Credit & Debit Cards, Office ID cards, Student Card, IDBI Debit card, HDFC credit card, etc.

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